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15373 Baník Ostrava Pelta Out! "Very popular chant at Czech stadiums! It's aimed on Miroslav Pelta, head of Czech Football Association. Fans are disappointed with moves he made against them, so they want him to leave. Playlist
16113 Baník Ostrava Opava NEW There is old rivalry between Ostrava and Opava. In real life and in football aswell. If you're true Ostrava fan you have to hate Opava fans. So don't hesitate and download this chant. Playlist
16294 Baník Ostrava Throw Your Flag Away NEW This chant is for cases when assistent referee makes a mistake. Penalty against your team? Harsh offside? Boo him out. When the crowd is shouting at him he might get little nervous. Playlist
16301 Baník Ostrava Referee When penalty is sentenced against your team everyone knows who's fault it is. Referee is one to blame! It definitely wasn't penalty! Come on! Download this chant and make things right. You should try out our app for iPhone and Android. Playlist

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