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3988 Baník Ostrava Shouting with Us Now the whole stadium have hands around each others shoulders, singing, jumping but they're still not shouting enough. Solution? Download this chant and everything will change! You can also try FanChant's app for iPhone and Android. Playlist
5382 Baník Ostrava Banik Ostrava It has been told million times before that. Banik is the best team in the world? Agree? Sure, you have to agree. Let's download this chant and sing together about best club ever. Playlist
10227 Baník Ostrava Banik Goal Classic chant, who will win today? Of course Banik! As always! Help Ostrava score with singing this chant, all together. Playlist
10923 Baník Ostrava Where Are You Leaving To? Ha, Sparta lost again at Bazaly. Laugh at their faces with this chant. Losers from Prague are leaving all the stadium is singing. Good tune. Playlist
18555 Baník Ostrava Baniczek Is Part of Silesia Ostrava is actually part of Silesia. And we are proud of that! Biggest city in the region, long football tradition, why not be reminded of that with this great chant. Playlist
19250 Baník Ostrava GKS Katowice Our friends from Katowice! Download this chant to support them. GKS Katowice is club from Poland, founded 1964. Katowice won a cup 3x and they are currently playing first league. Playlist
20643 Baník Ostrava Baniczek GKS Bazaly Three most important things are mentioned in this cool chant. Baník as great club, GKS as popular team from Poland and Bazaly as Banik's home. Playlist

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