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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf
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Maroon and White football scarf

AC Sparta Praha

15744 Nikdy Tak Nebylo

First donwload the FanChants app on your iPhone or Android. Second download this amazing funny chant to support Sparta! Did you know that at first Sparta's name was Athletic Club Královské Vinohrady, it was a figure skating club first, then became football one. All in year 1893

Song Lyrics

Nikdy tak nebylo,
Nikdy tak nesmí být,
Aby ta Spartička,
Nemohla zvítězit!
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Zpíváme chorály,
Rádi se pereme,
Na ten váš Baníček,
Z vysoka sereme!

Sparta Sparta Sparta,
Sparta Sparta Sparta...

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